One App For All Your Bank USSD Codes: You’ll Never Have To Remember A USSD Code Again.

ZimBanks USSD Codes app review

If you use mobile banking or USSD codes, in general, then you’ll know how hard it is to remember all those. There are so many of them and the situation is made worse if you are a subscriber on more than one network or you bank with more than one bank. If you are constantly forgetting your bank’s USSD code then you should probably take a look at the ZimBanks USSD Codes application.

Which banks are covered?

The more suitable question would be which banks are not on the list since there are so many of them. The banks/financial institutions that you can the app include:

    ZimBanks USSD Code mobile app
  • Agribank
  • BancABC
  • Barclays
  • CABS
  • CBZ
  • Ecobank
  • FBC Bank
  • *MBCA
  • Meikles Mycash
  • NMB
  • POSB – Econet
  • POSB – NetOne/Telecel
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • ZB Bank
  • Stanbic
  • Steward Bank
  • Telecel

That’s a total of 17 USSD codes right there and the only bank that offers commercial banking services that’s not on the list is NBS (which has their)If you have storage concerns this app will not further add on to those woes. The app is a mere 0.93MB so the only reason for you to avoid this one is if you absolutely don’t need it as you remember your USSD code.

Source: Techzim